Best-in-class Video Solutions to Protect your Commercial Vehicles and Support Your Drivers

Vista delivers real-time high-definition video, from road and driver facing cameras, to bolster safety programs, help exonerate drivers, prevent accidents, increase security, and lower insurance costs. VISTA leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and proactively manage risky driving situations across your fleet. Vista identifies, visualizes, and categorizes critical events so that you can quickly take corrective actions. Stream live video, download video events, and access all of your in-vehicle cameras through a secure and comprehensive portal. Vista is the solution to help you manage and control your vehicle operations effectively, efficiently and safely.



Retrieve and view videos within the operational context of your Pointer Connect interface.


Day one incorporation of video DMS (Driver Monitoring System) into operations – by integrating with the existing Pointer Connect platform.


Immediately respond to real-time incident notifications – by pulling up live video feeds integrated with Pointer Connect.

Single Pane User Interface

Manage all your drivers, vehicles, and videos from the secured Pointer Connect Fleet Management System.
• Get instant access to live videos for each vehicle.
• View and download captured video events, including events captured manually.
• Video analytics integrated with your Pointer Connect Fleet Management System.
• Simultaneous video playback of road-facing and driver-facing cameras (helps you analyze both views of an event).

Pointer Video screens

Manage & Control Vehicle Operations

Video in Pointer Connect identifies, visualizes, and categorizes critical events so that you can quickly find & analyze vehicle incidents and risks and take corrective actions.
With Video in Pointer Connect you can stream live video, download video events, and access all your in-vehicle cameras through a secure and comprehensive portal.

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Driver Behavior

Data-driven driver evaluation and coaching – by associating videos with drivers and vehicles in Pointer Connect.
Evaluation of driver behaviors and trends as a group – around parameters such as location, time, or vehicle type and based on integrated video analytics within Pointer Connect. In addition to AI-driven driver monitoring system to detect potentially risky driver behavior.

Truck Driver

Real-time cabin events

Alert drivers on the road with a range of in-cab audio alerts and their severity, including harsh acceleration and brake, turn & accelerate, and more to help drivers improve safe habits. With dash-camera sensors that can auto-detect unsafe driving conditions, drivers will experience audio feedback and warnings to help correct risky driving as it occurs. The camera’s wireless connectivity supports 4G LTE and includes built-in Wi-Fi that supports auxiliary cameras to provide 360° views.

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With real-time alerts, wide range of monitored maneuvers, and a dedicated driver app, you will always have the complete understanding of your fleet’s safety performance. The fleet will be able to reduce offenses that can lead to accidents including harsh acceleration, hard breaking while turning, over-speeding, lane-zigzagging and more. And your organization will be able to turn a losing portfolio into a profitable one. Pointer’s safety component builds profiles of each driver within the fleet and continuously monitors all the drivers, providing insights. It also ranks your fleet’s drivers, identifying on the one hand: excellence, and on the other: drivers that may need additional training.

High resolution real-time monitoring

Pointer detects, analyzes, and reports aggressive or dangerous driver behavior. Identifies over-speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, lane-deviation and engine idling over pre-defined thresholds. Pointer Connect updates with high frequency to ensure that the latest vehicle updates/status are provided to the fleet manager and that information is displayed with minimum latency.

The Pointer Advantage

Capturing it is one thing, creating actionable insights with it is where the real transformative value is. It’s our commitment and market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, gain efficiencies, improve resource utilization, and minimize fraud.

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Pointer Connect

Pointer Connect™ is the complete solution for fleet and asset owners, addressing all your operational or business needs. The business and operational insights provided by our advanced analytics SaaS solutions will allow you to streamline and harmonize every aspect of your business-critical operations and put you in complete control of your mobile resources.

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