CelloTrack Solar

Robust Solar-Powered Asset Management Device

The CelloTrack Solar is the industry’s first dual-powered asset tracking solution. Its wireless sensor connectivity provides measurements of the various environmental conditions of the cargo. Solar-powered supercapacitors (supercaps) and long-lasting primary batteries ensure unmatched service life and critical event visibility. In addition, its wireless sensor connectivity, using the MultiSense or CelloSense devices provides measurements of the various environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, shock, etc.) of your cargo.

The CelloTrack Solar, with its highly rugged durable enclosure, is an ideal solution for containers, trailers, or assets in remote locations and harsh conditions where no other recharging facilities exist.

CelloTrack Solar


Increased visibility into your operations with quick drill-down tools to get to the root cause of an issue. Helping you reduce maintenance and operating costs, save inspection times, reduce damages, and in turn, increases your bottom line.


Highly rugged solution with durable enclosure, suitable for container grooves and ceilings, and complying with IP67 and IP69k weatherproof casing for outdoor long-life service.


A long-life solution using a solar-powered system and long-lasting primary batteries, ideal for assets located in hard to reach locations, where maintenance is not possible to perform, and no power supply is available.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking and monitoring of location, temperature, humidity, and door status (open/closed) for controlled containers, trailers, pallets, or boxes assist in maintaining the required environmental conditions during shipments of perishable goods or pharmaceuticals. Each link in the logistics chain can take on-the-fly appropriate action when deviations from the pre-defined thresholds occur, to guarantee compliance with cold chain shipment requirements to prevent the goods from being compromised or spoiled. Thus improve your business performance and better respond to client’s needs.


Global visibility of heavy-duty assets

It’s clear that construction companies require tools that ensure their daily operations are more efficient and secure. They need to have continuous monitoring and complete transparency for every vehicle and piece of equipment, at all times.
Pointer brings the logistics management of heavy-duty assets into the IoT age by enabling real-time awareness of a variety of objects and on-the-fly alert notifications, which in turn ensures global visibility. Real-time tracking and management of crane parts, including global visibility, give crane rental companies control over their day-to-day monitoring of inventory.


Effective management of rented equipment

The logistics and maintenance of rented equipment is often challenging, primarily because rental companies have no information about how their rented equipment or assets are treated once they leave their premises and are handed over to the customer.
Pointer enables effective management of rented equipment including automated, real-time monitoring of operating hours; remote; dynamic configuration of parameters; delivery of performance reports according to contractual obligations; alerts in the event of malfunctioning, such as overheating or if fuel level reaches low thresholds. Companies utilizing our solution can greatly reduce any potential financial losses caused by the difficulty in tracking valuable equipment.


Cargo management

Cargo monitoring is one of the most challenging tasks supply-chain companies face daily, mainly due to low visibility once the shipment has left its point of origin. Pointer provides end-to-end “visibility” for your cargo, from the manufacturing site to the point of delivery. Your cargo will be completely monitored and traceable through the supply chain, including real-time alerts if the goods are mishandled, deviate from the planned route, or are opened unexpectedly.


Maintaining equipment health and reliability

Pointer’s solution for asset management provides a complete maintenance platform. A robust and rugged set of sensors and tools monitor the hours used; RPMs; temperature – including alerts for overheating; oil pressure and more. When integrated with third-party billing platforms, you’ll also be able to manage all aspects of remote, rented equipment.

Assets on the move

Pointer is a leading provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions and have been extensively involved in designing comprehensive monitoring, command and control solutions for assets that are on the move. This translates to monitoring cargo, containers, trailer flatbeds, bins & packages, generators, cranes and field equipment. We monitor location but also temperature, humidity, position (orientation), working-hours and we assess whether the equipment or packages have been tampered with or handled harshly and provide you with a comprehensive report. Pointer also monitors generators and cranes that move from one building site to another under leasing agreements. These complex reporting and real-time alerts provide the fleet manager with intelligent data in order to bill by the hour and verify that operating thresholds are maintained.

Logistics and transportation Security

When a vehicle transports valuable elements subject to theft, a variety of sensors can be attached to elements such as boxes or pallets and if the sensor’s transmission is not detected, alerts can be generated. Pointer will monitor and provide you with real-time monitoring, alerts and comprehensive reports regarding the package condition including the package location and movement trajectory, if it has been moved within a geo-fence and if it has been opened or tampered.

IoT device development

Pointer has an established history of IoT device development and innovation creating devices that can withstand harsh and rugged environments. The devices and sensors used to monitor and track assets are operated with extra-long-life batteries or solar-powered, eliminating the need for a power source. Additionally, they are certified by some of the world’s most stringent standards.

The Pointer Advantage

Capturing it is one thing, creating actionable insights with it is where the real transformative value is. It’s our commitment and market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, gain efficiencies, improve resource utilization, and minimize fraud.

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