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Advanced virtual coder app for smartphones

Pointer Code app

Pointer Code is a virtual coder that enables raising the vehicle's protection level through an innovative smartphone application that identifies the vehicle's authorized driver using a smartphone and, after identification, classifies the trip as legal and authorized travel in Pointer's systems. This application is the most advanced identification technology of its kind in the field of vehicle protection and is designed to create an additional protective layer.
Before starting the vehicle, the driver is required to open his Pointer Code application and identify himself with the system using a code. Only if identification was made prior to the start operation – this means that the ride is legal and performed by an authorized driver.

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Linking Authorised Drivers' Phones to Pointer's Tracking System

The system connects the smartphones of family members and authorized drivers set up for the system to Pointer's tracking system installed in the vehicle, thus creating a smart and connected network designed to protect the vehicle at the highest level.

The new weapon in the war against car thieves directly from your smartphone

The Pointer Code application offers many advantages in the field of theft prevention, with an emphasis on vehicles defined as having a higher actuarial chance of theft, customers living in single-family homes, premium vehicles that the car manufacturer prohibits installing a leech to disconnect the start, and vehicle owners who wish to tighten their vehicle's protective envelope.

Manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time

A web-based interface that allows viewing from any computer and smartphone, from anywhere in Israel and around the world, by a number of users, combined with a GPS transmitter installed in the vehicle that transmits in real time a wide range of parameters from the vehicle to the central information server and fleet management software. The fleet management system is supported by a dedicated application that enables control, tracking and execution of actions, via smartphone, at any moment, even outside the office.

Increasing the level of protection of the vehicle

Pointer Code is a smart solution that increases the level of protection on the vehicle without the need to install a coder and disconnect the start.
In some premium computerized vehicles, it is forbidden for a manufacturer to disconnect using a "leech" (denial of start) or to install a keypad in the vehicle. Pointer Code allows you to integrate a no-code alert by an authorized person even without a keyboard, but using only your smartphone. A perfect intermediate solution between the Pointer Max system, which does not require entering a code, and the active Pointer system, which physically disconnects using a starter rejection.

Additional advanced capabilities

  • You can define hours and areas (polygons) in which driver identification is required (night hours / Jerusalem area) and hours in which you can drive without identification.
  • Personal identification can be integrated into any authorized driver via smartphone and thus know who the driver of the vehicle is. Important for insurance purposes and can be used to identify personal driver behavior.

In vehicle fleets, it is possible to customize a personal code for each driver and thus enable the use of the application in a variety of different vehicles.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions (SVR)

Pointer delivers a diverse array of proven technologies and detection solutions customized to the individual needs of each client. Their suite includes telematic devices supported by three distinct communication technologies and dual location technologies for live vehicle tracking, comprehensive alert systems, protective measures, sensors, access management, emergency panic buttons, and sophisticated analytical tools. To augment these offerings, Pointer also maintains a 24/7 operational call center, staffed with professionals to provide continuous support and assistance.

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Fleet Management

Pointer's range of advanced services alongside uncompromising service make it a leader in advanced fleet management services.
We offer fleet managers the most innovative and efficient tools of their kind and the possibility of making fleet management more efficient, advanced, safe and economical than ever.

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Vehicle protection requirements are a threshold condition for approval of comprehensive insurance policies, the main reason stems from the insurance company's desire to reduce the risk of theft of the vehicle and thus reduce the level of risk in car insurance, and the result for the car owner is a reduction in the amount of the insurance premium for the vehicle. Pointer is approved by all insurance companies in Israel as a provider of protection and locating solutions for vehicles at the forefront of locating and recovering stolen vehicles, and installs protection and detection systems in the yards of official importers, as well as installation prior to delivery of vehicles imported by parallel import and/or personal import.

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Driver Behavior

Pointer system is designed as the optimal technological solution for real-time monitoring of driver behavior. Tailored specifically for vehicle fleets and insurance companies, it represents the cutting edge in command and control technology, focusing on three primary aspects: safety, ecology, and economy.

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Pointer: Elevating Technology to New Heights

Pointer provides its customers with advanced solutions that guarantee effective management, heightened protection, and cost-efficiency in both the automotive and IoT sectors, with specific emphasis on the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our vehicle tracking and security systems, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, establish themselves as industry leaders. These offerings exemplify our profound comprehension of customer requirements and our steadfast dedication to product excellence.
By choosing Pointer, you'll embark on a journey characterized by an unbeatable synergy of cutting-edge technology, professionalism, and exceptional service, resulting in a winning formula for success.

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