Integrated SVR Systems for Two-Wheeled Vehicles with Mobile App Accessibility

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Two-wheeled vehicles offer an efficient, convenient, and economical alternative to cars, enabling riders to bypass traffic congestion and parking difficulties. However, the costs of mandatory, third-party, and comprehensive insurance are steep due to the heightened risk of theft associated with these easily targeted vehicles. Given the high cost of comprehensive motorcycle insurance relative to the vehicle's value, many owners forego it, opting instead for alternative protection methods.To address the concerns of two-wheeled vehicle owners, Pointer has developed Pointer Moto, a theft-protection system tailored to their needs. The system features a Hebridean main telematic unit with very low power consumption that utilizes RF and cellular technology for continuous monitoring. It offers 24/7 surveillance with real-time updates and alerts on potential theft or towing attempts and other unusual activities sent directly to the owner's mobile phone. The system is supported by an active operational center that works round-the-clock in collaboration with response teams and patrols in case of theft reports.
Pointer Moto is designed to be waterproof and is installed with minimal disruption to the motorcycle's systems, ensuring robust protection without compromising the vehicle's integrity.

Protection and detection system

The system designed for motorcycles is recognized by insurance companies for its vehicle locating and protection capabilities. All systems are hybrid, utilizing a triad of location technologies—GPS, RF, and Cell ID—and include a feature to detect cellular jamming, which is currently one of the most prevalent methods of theft.

Mobile app

A specialized smartphone application for two-wheeled vehicles provides a suite of real-time alerts and displays the current location of the motorcycle using a hybrid locator unit.

Service and operations centers operate 24/7

Pointer's service centers operate 24/7, with a team of expert professionals ready to deliver reliable solutions for a range of issues. Additionally, Pointer has set up a dedicated enforcement department, working around the clock to deter and prevent vehicle theft.

Pointer Moto app

To provide comprehensive security and peace of mind for motorcycle owners, the system includes a dedicated application that enables users to receive updates on their motorcycle's location at any time. It offers real-time tracking and alerts, such as notifications when the motorcycle exits a pre-set perimeter, speed alerts, battery voltage indicators, and a direct hotline calling feature. Users can customize their alert preferences through an alert management interface within the app. These notifications can be delivered as SMS, email, or push notifications to the user's smartphone.

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24/7 operational call center

Pointer's nationwide operational center is operational 24/7 and is instrumental in preventing thousands of car thefts annually. It aids in capturing theft rings and successfully recovers hundreds of vehicles that have been taken into Palestinian Authority territory, all in collaboration with security forces.

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