Electric Vehicle

Sampling data from the vehicle's computer in real time

Electric Vehicle

The car market is currently undergoing a rapid evolution, with traditional combustion engine vehicles being replaced by more cost-effective and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Despite the evident advantages of electric vehicles, such as reduced fuel consumption, cost savings, and environmental benefits, there are several challenges for users. The electric vehicle community faces issues related to battery data, concerns about vehicle range (commonly known as "range anxiety"), the availability of charging stations, charging status, intelligent route planning, and the ability to make spontaneous trips, among others.
Pointer recognizes that to facilitate efficient and dependable use of electric vehicles, customers need access to real-time information, particularly regarding the battery, diagnostic data, and tools for operational research, especially when managing vehicle fleets. The company has developed an advanced technological solution designed for private vehicles, bus fleets, and trucks. This solution allows access to vehicle data by installing a sophisticated diagnostic monitoring unit with an inductive adapter, enabling real-time reading of the vehicle's computer data.
This unit offers a wide array of data, including information about charging power, the remaining time required for charging in minutes, the remaining driving range, the status of the charging cable (whether it's disconnected or connected), keyless entry attempts, speed, odometer readings, and more. The system also encompasses the presentation and analysis of diagnostic data from the vehicle, primarily geared towards vehicle fleet management. Additionally, it provides general warnings about the vehicle, such as the condition of windows, doors, and the trunk.
The solution for electric vehicles enables the integration of three main services: vehicle tracking and protection, the display of information through a mobile application, and the monitoring and analysis of diagnostic data using dedicated fleet management software.

Electric vehicles

Mobile app

The IPointer EV app is a unique information app adapted for electric vehicles and provides essential battery information, location-based services and receiving real-time alerts directly to the mobile phone.Enhances efficiency, allowing you to save valuable time and drive with peace of mind, free from concerns or worries.

Fleet management and diagnostics 

The system developed enables data sampling from the vehicle's computer and displaying it on vehicle fleet management software for efficient and smart fleet management, including failure detection and a supporting operations research system that helps understand where the failure is for quick and efficient treatment of the problem.

Vehicle Tracking and Protection Solutions 

The system developed for electric vehicles is also known by insurance companies for vehicle tracking and protection purposes SVR. All systems are hybrid and based on three location technologies – GPS, RF, CELL ID and include a component for identifying cellular disruption – the most common method of theft today.
Upon receiving the information, an alert is immediately dispatched to Pointer's operational center, prompting them to take action to prevent theft.

iPointer EV

The iPointer EV app is a unique information app adapted for electric vehicles that provides essential battery information, location-based services and receiving real-time alerts directly to your mobile phone. This app enables a high level of efficiency, saving valuable time and driving with peace of mind and without worries.

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Today, Pointer's active detection system is considered the forefront of technology in the field of detection and positioning systems. The system was designed to meet the protection requirements of insurance companies in coordination with vehicle importers and is the most advanced system of its kind in the market.
In order to offer maximum accuracy and continuous positioning, the system is based on two communication technologies that combine RF and GPRS, thus enabling satellite positioning-based locating, combining cellular communication and RF technology, based on a self-communication network, thus enabling the creation of an optimal envelope for receiving and transmitting data from the vehicle.

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The car's computer generates a vast volume of data and information every day. To harness the full potential of this data, Pointer's diagnostic solution reads and analyzes this information, recognizing patterns and trends, and converting them into valuable insights. These insights can be put into practice to enhance fleet efficiency, productivity, and safety

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Pointer: Elevating Technology to New Heights

Pointer provides its customers with advanced solutions that guarantee effective management, heightened protection, and cost-efficiency in both the automotive and IoT sectors, with specific emphasis on the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our vehicle tracking and security systems, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, establish themselves as industry leaders. These offerings exemplify our profound comprehension of customer requirements and our steadfast dedication to product excellence.
By choosing Pointer, you'll embark on a journey characterized by an unbeatable synergy of cutting-edge technology, professionalism, and exceptional service, resulting in a winning formula for success.

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