Data analysis and reading-based insights from the vehicle's computer


The system utilizes CAN bus communication technology to monitor, collect, and transmit information, connecting to a Fleet Management System (FMS) computer in trucks, buses, and private vehicles. This connection enables complete control and remote supervision. The data generated serves various purposes, ranging from API integration with third-party systems to tailored solutions, ultimately resulting in cost savings and increased profitability for fleet managers. It also contributes to the accumulation of significant data (BIG DATA) and mirrors the data within the app for the car driver's benefit.

The Pointer Diagnostic system provides diagnostic data and driver behavior on the same transmitter as well as vehicle protection and tracking services, while integrating and cross-referencing data and creating information and alerts for action purposes.

Real-time alerts

The system provides diagnostic and driver behavior data in combination with the vehicle's existing protection and tracing system, while integrating and cross-referencing data to create information and alerts for command and control management.

Actionable insights

Leveraging data collected from the vehicle's computer, our advanced reports facilitate parameter analysis, pattern identification, and the transformation of these discoveries into actionable insights. These insights can be put into practice to improve efficiency, prevent damage, and deliver financial savings to the vehicle fleet

Full transparency 

A comprehensive overview of all the fleet's activity data, coupled with the capability to identify the root cause of any failure or problem and resolve it quickly.

Fleet Management

Pointer stands at the forefront of advanced fleet management services, distinguished by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our cutting-edge solutions equip fleet managers with the industry's most innovative and effective tools, revolutionizing fleet management. With Pointer's technology, fleet operations become more streamlined, sophisticated, and secure, all while optimizing cost-effectiveness. This robust suite of capabilities ensures that fleet managers are well-equipped to meet and exceed the evolving demands of fleet oversight and maintenance, setting new standards in the field.

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Driver Behavior

The Pointer system was developed and adapted to be the perfect technological solution for monitoring and analyzing driver behavior in real time. The system was developed in order to provide a solution for vehicle fleets and private customers and constitutes the forefront of technology in all matters related to command and control in three main aspects: safety, ecological and economical.

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions (SVR)

Pointer offers a wide range of proven technologies and diverse detection solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. The solutions include hebrides transmitters based on three cellular communication technologies, rf, gprs and two rf and gps positioning technologies for real-time vehicle monitoring, sending alerts, protection systems, sensors, access control, panic buttons, analytical tools, a manned operational call center 24/7 and more.

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Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are increasingly being used in private, commercial and public transportation fleets.
Pointer's solution for electric vehicles enables efficient and reliable use of electric vehicles through dedicated management tools, which enable real-time monitoring, display and reflection of critical parameters related to battery management and charging, including information of remaining driving range and locating charging stations as well as driver alerts in the mobile app, along with capabilities to detect, protect and recover a stolen vehicle.

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Pointer: Elevating Technology to New Heights

Pointer provides its customers with advanced solutions that guarantee effective management, heightened protection, and cost-efficiency in both the automotive and IoT sectors, with specific emphasis on the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our vehicle tracking and security systems, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, establish themselves as industry leaders. These offerings exemplify our profound comprehension of customer requirements and our steadfast dedication to product excellence.
By choosing Pointer, you'll embark on a journey characterized by an unbeatable synergy of cutting-edge technology, professionalism, and exceptional service, resulting in a winning formula for success.

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