Temperature and humidity monitoring

An intelligent monitoring system designed to track temperature and humidity throughout the cold chain logistics process.

PowerSense The New Generation of Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Pointer IoT is an intelligent wireless system that incorporates sensors for monitoring parameters like temperature and humidity, accompanied by dedicated and user-friendly validian software. The system relies on wireless sensors that transmit real-time data through BLE communication to a cellular hub. This data is then transferred to software and a dedicated interface, ensuring compliance with the stringent regulatory requirements and standards for storing and transporting medicines, including:
CE Annex 11, FDA 21CFR Part11
GAMP5, Procedure 126.
The main advantages of the system:

  • Wireless product – no wiring required
  • Receiving alerts about exceeding the set metrics directly to your smartphone and computer
  • Ability to provide escalation-based alerts
  • Push reports by definition
  • Validian system that meets regulatory requirements
  • Receive a notification of the next calibration time
  • On-demand anomalies report on a daily/weekly/monthly level
  • Ability to provide a repeat warning according to selected escalation
  • Set alert thresholds (top/bottom)

The system is adapted to a variety of fields, including: logistics, refrigerated storage and transportation, the pharma industry, medical cannabis, the food industries, agriculture and more. The system provides monitoring and control solutions in the supply chain process and alerts on storage conditions, controlled goods in transit, and real-time location detection and tracking, without the need to lay cable infrastructure. The sensors monitor various parameters such as: temperature, humidity, displacement, fall, magnetism and movement.

Temperature and humidity monitoring app

Compliance with Food and pharma regulations

The system integrates validian IoT software with a handle designed to meet regulatory requirements and standards in the pharmaceutical industry: GAMP5, FDA 21, CFR Part11, EU Annex 11, Ministry of Health Procedure 126.

Real-time alerts

This alert is shown in the software on a dedicated dashboard as well as in the mobile application on the phone. It is also possible to send alerts to specific parties through an escalation process, using methods such as push notifications to the mobile phone, SMS messages, emails, or phone calls.

Pointer IoT App – Mobile App

The system incorporates a dedicated mobile phone application. This app enables users to access a snapshot from the field, monitor real-time data, and view alerts.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pointer offers a comprehensive and advanced solution for the pharmaceutical industry, which encompasses hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, refrigerators, freezers, and logistics centers responsible for the storage of medicines, vaccines, and sensitive materials that require precise temperature and humidity control. This system represents a cutting-edge technological solution for information management and control within the pharmaceutical sector. Real-time sensor data is seamlessly transmitted and recorded in validian IoT software, compatible with the stringent regulatory requirements. The user-friendly software is designed for ease of use, providing clear and accessible information presentation. It offers features like threshold and escalation settings, user authorization management, sensor grouping and display, tabular and graphical data representation, data export capabilities, and more.

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Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is regarded as a medicinal product, and its cultivation and storage are subject to rigorous requirements. Maintaining the ideal growth conditions is essential, involving close monitoring of factors such as temperature, humidity, light, and other critical parameters. This meticulous oversight not only improves the quality of the product but also enhances profitability. Additionally, ensuring the proper storage and transportation of cannabis to pharmacy chains plays a vital role in the long-term preservation of the plant and the prevention of contamination.

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Monitoring and Control in Agriculture

Pointer provides an array of solutions tailored for the agriculture sector, covering the monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, and other crucial parameters. These solutions empower farmers to effectively manage environmental factors that are vital for the well-being of crops and livestock, with a particular emphasis on temperature and humidity control. Whether it's within greenhouses, poultry houses, cattle barns, containers, or storage facilities, establishing robust command and control is of utmost importance. The Pointer IoT system offers a streamlined means to establish a controlled infrastructure, delivering peace of mind to business owners.

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Refrigerated Transportation

Numerous products necessitate refrigeration under precise conditions, maintaining consistent temperature levels throughout the entire supply chain. These products encompass pharmaceuticals, medical cannabis, food items, agricultural produce, chemicals, and more, all mandating compliance with the stringent regulations outlined by the Ministry of Health. Failing to oversee and monitor the transportation process can result in a deterioration of product quality and substantial financial losses.Pointer offers an advanced and all-encompassing solution that integrates fleet management. This solution allows for remote command and control of the refrigerated transportation process, real-time information monitoring, and immediate alert notifications in case of exceptional situations.

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Food industry

Pointer IoT represents a cutting-edge technological solution for efficiently managing the control process in the realm of food storage. Data is continuously monitored and recorded in dedicated IoT software, which is user-friendly and presents information in a straightforward and intelligent manner. This software allows for the configuration of temperature and humidity thresholds, the establishment of escalation protocols, the definition of authorized users, grouping and distribution of sensors, tabular and graphical data presentation, data export capabilities, and much more.In the event of the system detecting a deviation in any of the predefined threshold settings, it promptly generates a real-time alert.

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Supply Chain Hubs and Distribution Facilities

Pointer offers a comprehensive and advanced technological solution for managing the monitoring and control processes in logistics centers, storage rooms, refrigerators, and freezers. These controlled environments require precise temperature and humidity conditions for storage. The solution provides the capability for remote monitoring and control while also alerting users in case of deviations from the defined parameters.The data is continuously transmitted in real-time and recorded in IoT software, which is specifically designed to meet strict regulatory requirements. The software is user-friendly and presents information in a clear and intuitive manner. It allows for the configuration of thresholds and escalation procedures, the definition of authorized users, grouping and display of sensors, and provides both tabular and graphical data presentation. Furthermore, it offers the capability to export data and more.


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Pointer: Elevating Technology to New Heights

Pointer provides its customers with advanced solutions that guarantee effective management, heightened protection, and cost-efficiency in both the automotive and IoT sectors, with specific emphasis on the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our vehicle tracking and security systems, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, establish themselves as industry leaders. These offerings exemplify our profound comprehension of customer requirements and our steadfast dedication to product excellence.
By choosing Pointer, you'll embark on a journey characterized by an unbeatable synergy of cutting-edge technology, professionalism, and exceptional service, resulting in a winning formula for success.

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