Vehicle Tracking and Protection Solutions 

Advanced and effective protection solutions for vehicles and assets

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions (SVR)

Pointer is a pioneer in the field of vehicle tracking, security, and positioning solutions for various motorized vehicles. Our extensive range of products and tracking services is at the cutting edge of technology. Our solutions encompass telematic devices, hybrid systems combining two communication technologies and three location technologies for real-time vehicle monitoring, alert notifications, protective measures, sensors, access control, panic buttons, analytical tools, and more.
Our tracking and security solutions are versatile and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers. Furthermore, these systems hold approvals from all major insurance companies and vehicle importers in Israel, ensuring they are well-regarded for providing stolen vehicle detection services.

Pointer's prominence in the vehicle tracking industry goes beyond the technological innovations embedded in our tracking and protection units. It also includes our dedicated human resources, who are committed to providing professional service. This commitment is exemplified by our round-the-clock operational vehicle recovery center and a fast, efficient service center, ensuring unparalleled support and reliability for our clients.

Vehicle Tracking and Protection Solutions 

Protection and tracking  services for mobile and stationary assets

Pointer provides a diverse range of protection and tracking solutions for mobile assets, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge monitoring systems with innovative software and customized applications to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Furthermore, Pointer offers tracking, safeguarding, and management solutions for stationary assets, allowing for independent, long-term monitoring without the necessity of a constant power supply.

Real-time alerts

Pointer provides real-time information and alerts, including vehicle location, surveillance, notifications when the vehicle exits from a predefined area, alerts for exceeding designated speed limits, battery voltage status, and enables direct communication with the 24/7 operational center.

24/7 operational and customer service

Pointer operates dedicated, advanced and professional service centers that operate 24/7 and are skilled in providing a professional and reliable response on a variety of issues, and in addition, operates a dedicated enforcement department consisting of an operational center specializing in enforcement and field teams that work around the clock to try to prevent and thwart attempts to steal vehicles.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Today, Pointer's SVR detection system is considered the forefront of technology in the field of detection and positioning systems. The system was designed to meet the protection requirements of insurance companies in coordination with vehicle importers and is the most advanced system of its kind in the market.
In order to offer maximum accuracy and continuous positioning, the system is based on two communication technologies that combine RF and cellular communication, thus enabling satellite positioning-based locating, based on a self-communication network, thus enabling the creation of an optimal envelope for receiving and transmitting data from the vehicle. This specification enables the company to provide comprehensive and optimal protection solutions for a variety of needs and types of vehicles, and enables the detection of the vehicles in real time.

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Pointer Premium IQ

Pointer Premium IQ is an advanced hybrid active SVR protection and detection system developed and designed to address the sophisticated and up-to-date theft methods currently identified in the field. The system includes two telematic devices, an active main transmitter with an inductive connection to the vehicle's computer for sampling diagnostic data and a backup transmitter. The system monitors diagnostic information from the vehicle and alerts immediately upon identification of any unusual activity in the vehicle or departure from its routine conduct.

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Pointer AI

An advanced SVR detection system that combines artificial intelligence and AI capabilities, designed to provide a layer of protection tailored to the level of protection required for the vehicle.
The system is based on a hybrid transmitter that provides satellite GPS and RF locations combined in one modem, as well as includes a built-in collision sensor.
The system automatically alerts in case of deviation from the vehicle owner's travel routine.

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Pointer Max / Alert

An advanced SVR protection and detection system that enables continuous monitoring of the vehicle. This protection solution is an advanced replacement for keypad/coder and leech based protection.
The system is based on a hybrid transmitter that provides satellite GPS and RF locations combined in one modem, as well as includes a built-in collision sensor.
The system is installed with minimal intervention in the vehicle's systems, emphasizes user comfort and does not require entering a secret code before starting the vehicle.

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Electric vehicle locator system

Electric vehicle SVR detection systems combine advanced layers of protection and protection for the vehicle alongside rich diagnostic information from the vehicle's computer. Pointer has developed three different levels of protection for electric vehicles that enable it to meet all the requirements of insurance companies and vehicle importers in Israel.
The systems developed provide a variety of protection, detection and diagnostic information services, the active main transmitter is inductively connected to the vehicle's computer for the purpose of reading and displaying data alongside identifying illegal activities in the vehicle for the purpose of providing services for locating and returning stolen vehicles.

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Pointer Truck

Pointer Truck system is an SVR active solution meticulously designed to offer the most advanced and comprehensive protection and tracking for trucks and buses.
This integrated system, tailored specifically for trucks and buses, allows for the gathering of various data, including diagnostics, driver behavior, activation signals, and indications of the opening and closing of truck cargo doors.
The system is equipped with a hybrid main transmitter that seamlessly combines satellite GPS and RF location capabilities into one modem. Additionally, it features a specialized component for identifying cellular disruptors within the vehicle's vicinity, which promptly sends alerts to the operational center upon detection of disruptions.
The primary transmitter is capable of receiving data from the vehicle's computer (FMS) and transmitting this data along with alerts to a designated recipient.

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Pointer Caravan

Pointer Caravan system is an active tracking system dedicated to trailers, which alerts  to unusual activities. The system is linked to an application on the mobile phone, which informs the trailer owner of a variety of situations: illegal entry, decrease in battery voltage, signal a towing / lifting sensor, exit from a defined area, shocks, location of the trailer, travel route and route reconstruction and more.

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Pointer Cellotrack

Pointer Cellotrack system was developed to provide a solution in the field of protection and locating mobile and stationary resources and does not require connection to a fixed power source.
The system consists of an innovative independent transmitter that operates using GPS technology combined with cellular communication, a combination that ensures precise and available location anywhere, anytime.
The system's advantage lies in its ability to function independently over time. This capability stems from the installation of a transmitter that includes a durable battery that ensures longer than usual working time that does not require connection to a constant voltage. The monitoring unit is a base to which a variety of applications and solutions can be added to perfectly match the user's needs alongside comprehensive protection, detection and positioning capabilities. In order to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for fleet managers, interfaces can be performed for transferring information to usher and management software alongside Pointer's fleet management software for centralizing and tracking the information in real time.

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Pointer Moto

SVR detection and protection system custom-designed for two-wheeled vehicles. The system addresses the needs of motorcycle and scooter owners by offering theft protection and providing real-time updates and alerts through an operational call center that is always ready to assist.
Information is transmitted directly to your mobile phone via a dedicated application, allowing you to receive a wide range of alerts and notifications.

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Pointer heavy (pointer Z)

Pointer Heavy system was specifically designed to function as a dedicated tracking and SVR protection system for heavy engineering equipment. This system ensures continuous, around-the-clock protection and is also water-resistant.
Heavy engineering equipment is valuable and, as a result, is frequently targeted by thieves. To provide the highest level of precision, the system relies on GPRS technology, allowing satellite-based positioning for detection. It combines cellular communication with RF technology and operates on a relay communication network.

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Pointer Radius (Field)

SVR protection and detection system adapted to a variety of agricultural tools.
The system is installed with minimal intervention in the vehicle's systems and does not require the use of a keyboard. The detection unit includes an internal backup battery in case of battery disconnection, is waterproof and operates using satellite communication technology. GPS/GPRS
The Pointer Radius system is installed, fixed and disposed of in the agricultural tool and sends alerts according to the preset settings.

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Pointer Trailer

A dedicated tracking and SVR protection system for trailers that allows, in addition to locating services, efficient management of trailers.
The system makes it easier for the fleet manager to make daily decisions such as: command and control, logistics, optimization and operation, maintenance, controlled driving, fuel saving, assignment of tasks and more. In the event of suspected theft, the system will transmit an alert directly to Pointer's operational center and at the same time directly to the mobile phone of the trailer owner.

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Pointer Gen

<span>A tracking and SVR protection system designed for both stationary and mobile generators. The system offers the capability to connect to the generator's computer, allowing the collection of data such as engine temperature, RPM, current voltage, load, and more.</span>

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Pointer: Elevating Technology to New Heights

Pointer provides its customers with advanced solutions that guarantee effective management, heightened protection, and cost-efficiency in both the automotive and IoT sectors, with specific emphasis on the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our vehicle tracking and security systems, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, establish themselves as industry leaders. These offerings exemplify our profound comprehension of customer requirements and our steadfast dedication to product excellence.
By choosing Pointer, you'll embark on a journey characterized by an unbeatable synergy of cutting-edge technology, professionalism, and exceptional service, resulting in a winning formula for success.

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