Pointer Max/Alert

An advanced tracking and protection system that enables continuous monitoring of the vehicle.

The Pointer Max is considered an advanced protection system, featuring a hybrid transmitter that combines two positioning technologies into one device: GPRS, integrated RF, and cellular communication. This combination offers maximum protection with double technological backup. The system alerts the operational center in the event of an attempted theft of the vehicle's computer, with a focus on disabling the vehicle's computer and other relevant parameters.
Additionally, the system is equipped with an accelerometer sensor integrated into the transmitter's body, allowing for the identification of accidents within the vehicle. It can transmit real-time distress signals and location information to the emergency call center in Pointer's customer service department. The system also provides warnings for attempted vehicle theft or towing and sends the exact location of the vehicle to Pointer's operational center, which is staffed 24/7 by highly skilled personnel and operates nationwide.

The system is also adapted as a platform for additional advanced applications and services such as:

  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Behavior System
  • eCal Services

The POINTERMAX/ALERT system can be seamlessly synchronized with the dedicated iPointer application. This integration allows users to access a range of location-based services and vehicle information, including real-time traffic tracking, alerts when the vehicle departs from a predefined area, notifications when a specified speed limit is exceeded, battery voltage status indications, direct communication with the call center, and more.

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